Helping Retail-Focused Brands Reach More Customers on Amazon

Charmac provides done-for-you account Management and content creation solutions to help brands succeed on the Amazon marketplace.

How much money are you leaving on the table with Amazon?

Someone Manages Amazon Internally

Amazon is an ever-evolving ecosystem that needs constant attention to reach more customers, outsmart the competition and drive more sales. Most consumer product brands are being pulled in a million different directions and lack the expertise and resources needed to succeed on Amazon.

Third Parties Sell Our Products on Amazon

Suppose you let distributors or wholesale customers sell direct to customers on Amazon. With this option, you lose almost all control of how your products are positioned, promoted, and priced on the platform. Money is left on the table by not selling it directly to the customer yourself.

We Use An Agency Or Service Provider

Countless other companies say they can help your brand with Amazon, but what does that mean? Is it their primary focus, and does their team possess expert-level knowledge and expertise? How are they and their team incentivized to grow your sales on Amazon?

Our clients no longer struggle with Amazon and you shouldn't have to either. Here's what we offer:

Total Channel Management

We manage the day-to-day of Amazon, leaving you and your team free to focus on the other essential parts of your business.

Content Designed for Amazon

We know what kind of content works on Amazon and what doesn't. Whether it's page copy, infographics, A+ pages, or storefronts, we can help.

Team of Experts

Our team has years of experience on Amazon Seller Central, and we are constantly investing in the learning and growth of our people to serve our clients better.

Dedicated Focus

We can't help with Walmart, Shopify, or paid ads through Google or Facebook. We deliberately only focus on Amazon because of the many intricacies involved to be successful.

Advertising Technology

We help our clients manage their advertising efficiently and effectively using the best technology available to find optimal bid amounts and target the right keywords and products.

Review Growth Strategies

Whether it's getting an initial set of reviews for a new product or constantly growing reviews for an existing product, we can help.

Forecasting and Shipment Creation for FBA

We monitor sales velocities, lead times, and stock to forecast and create new FBA shipments, avoiding costly stock-outs and overstock.

Real-Time Account Monitoring

Our software monitors your product pages on Amazon, and overall seller account for changes you can see on the pages and others behind the scenes.

Join others who have entrusted Charmac to grow their brand on Amazon.

"The team at Charmac truly learns its customer's brand in order to promote it properly."

David Zelken

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"Charmac has taken a lot of stress and frustration out of our workload. So glad we found them."

Susan Baril

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Stop being frustrated and start seeing success on Amazon.

1) Schedule a Call

Meet with an expert from Charmac so they can understand you and your brand and help define what success looks like for you.

2) Review Your Plan

We'll create a specific plan to help you reach more customers on Amazon designed around your budget and goals.

3) Get Results

Succeed on the Amazon marketplace and watch your brand grow while spending less time worrying about the day-to-day.

We know you want to reach every single customer...

At Charmac, we know that brands want to conquer the world. To do that, you need to meet the customer where they are, or more appropriately, where they shop. The statistics, and even our behavior, show the place most consumers turn is Amazon. While buying products on Amazon is frictionless, selling on Amazon can be extremely painful. Whether it’s understanding sponsored product ads, creating great-looking A+ pages, or communicating with seller support, it’s not easy. These hurdles leave you and your team feeling frustrated because you know you aren’t fully taking advantage of the Amazon platform.

We believe that every brand has the opportunity to succeed on Amazon. As a growing brand, we understand that your team’s attention pulls in different directions depending on what else is happening in your business. It makes sense to hire a team of trusted experts, who know Amazon inside and out, who can create great-looking Amazon detail pages, help with advertising, reviews, inventory forecasting for FBA, and more.

Here’s how it works: first, schedule a call to help us define where you are now and where you want to go. Next, we’ll create a plan designed for you to create content, manage your Seller Central account, or both. The final step is to watch what happens when you are free of the burden of managing Amazon. With a team properly owning the Amazon channel, you’re free to devote time and resources to the other parts of your business.

Schedule a call to stop worrying about what Amazon could be and start seeing what it actually can be.

Keep building your brand and leave Amazon to the experts. Here's how we can help:

Total Account Management

Think of us as your outsourced Amazon department. We handle the day-to-day of Amazon, working with you you at a high-level on strategy and initiatives that align with your overall business goals.

Content Creation for Amazon

We create unique content specifically for the Amazon ecosystem that highlights your products’ benefits and features while matching your brand style and aesthetics. 

Whether you are ready to get started or unsure where to start, we're here to help. Schedule a call with an expert about Amazon: