Let us handle the day-to-day of Amazon.

Here at Charmac, we call it Total Account Management. An ongoing, monthly service specifically designed to help brands leverage our team of experts to grow Amazon. Leveraging Charmac allows the brand to take the time and attention devoted to Amazon and reallocate it to grow the other parts of their business.

Another way to think of it is that Charmac is your outsourced Amazon department. We handle the day-to-day of Amazon, working with you at a high level on strategy and initiatives that align with your overall business goals.

A complete solution for brands who want to reach more customers on Amazon

To be successful on Amazon, you have to do many things and do them well. Our Total Account Management takes care of these things for you, including:

Along the way, we will be aligned with an agreed-upon strategy, providing you with data to help you better understand the Amazon ecosystem.

Advertising &

Like it or not, you have to be advertising on Amazon today to maximize your success. Using a multi-phased approach, we create and optimize ad campaigns on an ongoing basis. We use advanced technology to optimize bid amounts across all campaigns, including Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and Sponsored Display.

Customer Engagement & Review Management

Reviews are a vital part of a product’s success on Amazon. We help get the initial ones using programs like Amazon, and we also send a direct message to all buyers, asking them to leave a review. Additionally, our team can be the initial customer service point for the Amazon channel, escalating issues to your team when necessary.

Forecasting & Shipment Creation for FBA

Our team monitors your inventory levels across all your products at Amazon FBA and, using real-time sales data and lead times, suggests and creates replenishment shipments in Seller Central. This strategy allows your team or 3PL to build the shipments and send them off to Amazon. We’ll even reconcile shipments after the fact to ensure accuracy and accountability.

Real Time Account Monitoring

Using software that monitors your seller account and listings in real-time, our team can react to changes and minor problems before they become significant issues. These alerts include but are not limited to negative reviews, bad seller feedback, FBA fee changes, and listing suspensions. Regardless of the situation or any delays in resolution, we’ll keep you updated along the way.

Understand Your Channel Profitability on Amazon

The combination of Amazon’s fees, FBA related charges, and the cost of advertising make it exceedingly difficult to understand if your company is making money on Amazon.

Our custom reporting pulls this data directly from Seller Central using Amazon’s API. Combining that data with your product costs, we can determine your profitability down to the SKU level. This transparent view of the data helps inform strategic business decisions needed to succeed on the Amazon platform.

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