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Most brands invest a significant amount of time and money in developing the look and feel of their brand. Those elements include their product’s packaging, website, and social channels. However, when brands begin to sell on Amazon, they put up the bare minimum, maybe only using some basic photography, a lifestyle image or two, and bland copy. 

Your product pages on Amazon should have the same look and style as your website, social channels, and overall brand. Customers should have the same feelings about your brand whether they find you on Facebook, in-store, or on Amazon. At Charmac, we help brands translate the look and feel of their brand into content specifically for Amazon.

Optimized Copy Written for Conversion and SEO

It is vital to have suitable page copy that persuades a potential customer to buy your product. But on Amazon, the copy serves another purpose. It’s one of the primary sources that Amazon’s A9 algorithm uses to pull single keywords and phrases to match customers’ searches to find your products.

So your copy needs to do two things. First, it needs to be written in an informative and persuasive manner to convert more browsers into buyers. Second, it needs to use the right keywords and keyword phrases that align with your product and target market so the listing is indexed correctly by Amazon.

We consider copy to include a product’s title, bullet points, product description, and backend search terms. Need excellent optimized copy for your brand? Get in touch to see how we can help.

High-Quality Product Photography

Your main image is the first impression customers get of your product. It needs to be clean, crisp, and adhere to Amazon’s image requirements. 

Many brands will use stock images they already have, which may work perfectly well in some cases. However, sometimes photos from other channels, including your website, aren’t adequate to drive more clicks to your Amazon page.

We help brands with Amazon product photography by shooting on a clean white background with even lighting producing a high-quality image that is detailed and, most importantly, zoomable when a customer hovers over it.

Brands have also benefited from creative shots that showcase the product outside of the packaging, maximizing the value while minimizing the white space.

Ready to take your product photography to the next level? Get in touch with us to see how we can help.

Explainer & Infographic Images That Tell A Story

Some people call them infographic images, but we prefer “explainer images” because they help explain the product and its features and benefits.

These images are more important than ever because when customers view your product page on a mobile device, they typically see these images before reading any text about your product.

The basic format can vary, but here are some of our favorites:

  • Feature/benefit call outs
  • Nutritional information / highlights
  • Badges and claims
  • Awards and press mentions
  • Brand story and background
  • Additional products


Explainer images are something we love to create; let us help you tell the story of your product!

A+ Pages That Go Deeper and Increase Conversions

A+ pages are a necessity for brands that sell on Amazon. To get an A+ page, you must have access to Amazon’s Brand Registry to access this feature. If you don’t have an A+ page on your product pages, you will be limited to a standard product description with only a few paragraphs of text. A+ pages use a combination of modules that allow a brand to use text, images, product comparison tables, and infographics to convey their product and their brand value.

You can choose how focused or broad you want an A+ page to be. You may want to create an A+ page for a top-selling product devoted only to that product. You can also create an A+ page focused on a ” family ” of products from the same product line or products that share similar attributes. Another option is to create a brand-focused A+ page that doesn’t highlight one particular product or family of products but rather the entire brand and its value proposition.

While Amazon has a variety of modules that brands can use, we recommend using multiple large image modules for a majority of the page. Doing so allows you to create graphically designed images, similar to explainer images, using a combination of product photography, lifestyle images, icons, and graphics.

Additionally, the product comparison A+ module allows you to showcase the differences between specific products and highlight different products you may be offering on Amazon. The best part about these modules is that they include a link option to each product’s page, giving you an organic way to keep people on your product pages instead of your competitor’s.

Do you want your brand to increase conversions by having a tremendous A+ page? Get in touch, and we can start to design a great-looking page for you.


Amazon Stores or storefronts are essentially a mini-website for your brand on Amazon. When you have a store on Amazon, the brand link below each product’s title becomes a “Visit the [Insert Brand Name] Store” link. This strategy helps keep shoppers within your brand instead of clicking away to somewhere else.

Amazon Store design options are limited, but they still act as an easy way for your brand to have a landing page on Amazon. Your store is where you want to showcase your entire product catalog on Amazon, highlight new products and tell a bit more about your brand.

Stores also work as an excellent landing page option when driving external traffic to Amazon instead of just sending them directly to a product page, which could negatively impact your conversion rate for that page.

Need a high-quality Amazon Store created for your brand? Get in touch and let us help!

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