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Amazon for Growing Brands - Leave The Heavy Lifting To Us

Nothing is more exciting than getting traction in the market after spending months or years of hard work promoting your product. However, sometimes too many good things happen all at once. It could be that retail, wholesale and e-commerce all start taking off at the same time. All of a sudden, your team’s resources become significantly strained. You find your company is doing a lot of things at a mediocre level instead of doing a few things really well.

We have found that brands continue to carry the burden of managing Amazon as they continue to grow. Instead of devoting countless hours of Googling, watching YouTube videos, and questioning the accuracy of posts in Facebook groups, shouldn’t you be devoting your time to working on the parts of your business you know (and enjoy) the most? You already outsource other parts of your business: SEO for your website, accounting, social media; doesn’t it make sense to outsource Amazon to a team of experts?

At Charmac, we understand the challenges that growing brands are up against. We know things get more complex as you grow and have seen some pretty interesting things. Whether you are just hitting your first $10,000 month on Amazon or crossed over the $1 million mark, we have the solutions to help.

Our Offerings For Growing Brands

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Amazon Optimization Services

A menu of individually priced, value-based services. Whether it's optimized copy, product photography, Sponsored Products, or setting up automated review requests, we have the options and expertise to get it done.

Amazon Launch Packages

Are you launching a new product line? Let us do all of the heavy lifting for you with competitively priced launch packages that create a compelling Amazon presence for any new product. Get your new product launched right!

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Total Amazon Account Management

Spend less time getting stuck in Seller Central and more time working on your business by outsourcing the day-to-day of Amazon to Charmac. Actively optimizing your ad campaigns while monitoring your product pages is just the beginning.