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Amazon for Startups - There is a Better Way

After you’ve gone through the design, testing (or tasting!) and manufacturing of your product, it’s time to bring it to market. Your choices of sales channels can be overwhelming and it seems no matter where you turn, Amazon is always there. You know you need to be on the site, but that is easier said than done.

You may be asking yourself “Can’t I just do this myself?” Sure! But is it worth devoting countless hours of Googling, watching YouTube videos, and questioning the accuracy of posts in Facebook groups? Wouldn’t you rather spend your time growing the other parts of your business and outsource Amazon to a team of experts?

At Charmac, we understand that when you are a young company every dollar counts. That’s why we love working with startups. Whether you need help with just a few explainer images for your listing, or you want a complete Amazon presence built for you, we have the solutions.

Our Offerings For Startups

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Amazon Optimization Services

A menu of individually priced, value-based services. Whether it's optimized copy, product photography, Sponsored Products, or setting up automated review requests, we have the options and expertise to get it done.

Amazon Launch Packages

Let us do all of the heavy lifting for you with competitively priced launch packages that create a compelling Amazon presence for any new product. We create your page, walk you through your first FBA shipment, and setup your first ad campaigns.

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Total Amazon Account Management

Spend less time getting stuck in Seller Central and more time working on your business by outsourcing the day-to-day of Amazon to Charmac. Actively optimizing your ad campaigns while monitoring your product pages is just the beginning.