Who Can We Help

We work with companies at different stages and across most categories in Amazon's catalog.  However, the companies we work with identify with one of the below points:


  1. You see other brands on Amazon with similar - or inferior - products doing well and you cannot understand how they do it

  2. Taking the time to learn Amazon, and the optimal ways to market your products through the channel would be valuable, but you cannot justify devoting that time

  3. Managing Amazon today is a hassle, and the idea of increasing sales sounds unmanageable


Our partners say that having us navigate and manage Amazon allows them to focus their time on more strategic areas of their business. Those include things like gaining/increasing retail distribution, product development, and supply chain optimization.


Who Can We Help

What We Do

Think of Charmac as the Amazon division of your company. We want to make it that simple for you. Our offerings vary depending on each partner's unique situation but here's some of the things we can help with:


  • Creation and continuous optimization of product listings, product pricing and sponsored ad management


  • Product placement under our established Seller account for Amazonwith international markets including Canada, United Kingdom, and others coming soon


  • FBA Inventory forecasting and management to prevent stock-outs and keep monthly storage costs low


  • Building product reviews within Amazon's terms of service and negative review management


  • Ownership of all customer service communications and customer returns in compliance with Amazon's Terms of Service


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